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No Cost Too Great

The 99 Project

In Luke 15 Jesus teaches an important parable about a shepherd that leaves behind 99 of his sheep to seek and save the one that is lost. At the heart of this parable is a clear message that there is “no cost too great” when it comes to seeing those who are lost reached.

The 99 Project is an opportunity to partner with City Church’s college ministry through financial generosity. City Church U seeks to connect college students to the gospel through the local church, and we believe that the college campus is one of the most strategic places in the world to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

There are nearly 70,000 college students in Tallahassee, and every year over 20,000 students enter our campuses. Graduates go on to live in every corner of the world. We believe that the years that students spend in college can be some of the most significant years in their lives, where they are built up and sent out to make a difference wherever they go next.

The mission field is huge, and the work is hard. In order to make an impact we believe that we have to go all in and believe that there is no cost too great to see the lives of college students changed.

We would like to invite you to go all in with us!

“City Church U has had an enormous impact on me and my growth in Christ. From the first time I walked through the doors, City Church U provided a warm and welcoming environment where I could learn about God's Word on a personal and relatable level.

The absolute biggest impact City Church U has had on my life has certainly been through serving. I was connected to the life of the church, invested in and given opportunities to serve others. I soon found myself blown away by how much God grew me through service for others.”

Greg Jacobs. Valdosta Georgia. Class of 2016

“City Church U reached me before I even knew I needed to be reached. From the first time I walked through the doors, to today, I feel blessed to know that I have something in my life that goes beyond just a service or a group. The impact City Church U made during my time in Tallahassee will last a lifetime. I will forever cherish the people that built that invested in me, even if there are many zip codes in between us.

Megan Thompson. Washington DC. Class of 2012

“City Church U has helped me to understand what it looks like to be in community and live my life on mission. While attending our groups I have learned that the enemy's greatest lie is to tell us that we can do life alone. I was reached as a young student through City Church and have found many relationships that I cherish. City Church U has also helped me grow in confidence in the Bible and my faith.”

Shawn Morancey. Tallahassee, FL. Current Student

“When I first moved to Tallahassee it was critical for me to find a church to call home. College exposed me to a lot of temptations that I had never experienced before. Thankfully I connected with some leaders in City Church U and the relationships that have been built there have helped me grow during my college years in my relationship with God, and have strengthened my faith. City Church U gives me the opportunity not only to grow in my relationship with God, but to also share the Gospel with others.”

Hank Truluck Tallahassee, FL. Class of 2017

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